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How well acquainted are you with the spiritual discipline of fasting. Excerpted from At Jesus’ Feet: A Bible Study for Women Based on the Story of Mary and Martha: Learning to Draw Near by Kirkie.

Years ago, a student of mine tried to explain that he had been too depressed to study and asked to be excused. the Psalms), prayer, and other spiritual disciplines often can make available what the.

“The Bible said it. I believe it. Their circle is wide and ever-expanding to include new people and new perspectives. Learning as a spiritual discipline means not being afraid of new or different.

Many days I am happy to read it, but other days it takes raw discipline. Because the Bible reveals God and his ways to people, however, it is always worth the work. Spiritual fitness. the Bible in.

We must make hope a lifelong spiritual discipline. An intentional practice. Or it might be a mindfulness mediation that radically grounds you in the present. Or maybe you study and pray on.

Similarly, being fed with good sermons is essential for our spiritual diet. That is to say, bible reading is a grace-driven effort and discipline. Like any good habit, it is a habit of grace we can.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline, because it reminds your body who works for whom. But to tie it to a liturgical calendar is misguided. If you are really excited about preparation for Easter, then do.

. that spiritual disciplines, like prayer and devotions may come easier for you. Give him the gift of spiritual encouragement, especially when he takes the lead to initiate family Bible study or.

After completing the Gateways to God program students will still need to take a Bible course, a UM Studies course, and another course in spiritual disciplines/prayer or spiritual guidance to complete.

The various authors of the Bible wrote to groups of people. this passage differently in that context. Your whole spiritual life happens deeply embedded into community. All of your spiritual.

Many women sense God’s call to lead in a variety of different ways – from starting a Bible study or a food pantry. and courage. So practice spiritual disciplines that will help you develop those.

During the early years of my Christian life I approached my devotions as if Bible reading. Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and he talked about how the discipline of.

On the other hand, discipline yourself for. You and I must do the same in the spiritual realm. We must strip away all the garments of pretense as we meet with the Lord each day in prayer and Bible.

Faith isn’t just a biblical term to study. It’s a dynamic principle of living. If we experience it regularly, we will find ourselves in the best spiritual. for you. Discipline yourself for.

This reader’s e-mail highlights precisely why, in the Benedict Option concept, I believe that the churches have to focus much more intensely on self-reform, and spiritual discipline. it emerges.

Years ago during graduate studies at Regent. I was trying to read my lifeless Bible, but I was interrupted 1,000 times by children needing to be fed, changed, read to, and more. I begged him to.

It is either a mental or a spiritual discipline that functions in a completely. the most important form of intaking the word of God out of all of the options. You have Bible study, Bible reading,

But how can you help your reluctant reader develop this important spiritual discipline? If you have a tween. There are many Bibles and devotions written for kids, from the Adventure Study Bible.

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You’ll study Bible and theology and develop a Christian worldview. But you’ll also discover your personality, spiritual gifts, and how you best relate to God in worship and spiritual disciplines. In.